CNC Machining Services

Maverick Manufacturing is your ISO-compliant engineering and machining services provider.

Machining Services

Maverick Machining is a leader in CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and wiring and circuit board assembly. Our ISO-compliant process ensures your project is completed to the highest standards. Discover what the Maverick Machining team can create for you.

CNC Machining
If your parts require precision machining, no matter the material, Maverick Manufacturing’s CNC machining services are the ideal choice. We work with manufacturers in the aerospace, industrial, medical, and recreational industries to fabricate components that perform in the most extreme, no-fail environments. From tiny Swiss components to 40-inch long milled parts, Maverick Manufacturing’s CNC machining services can handle your project.

CNC Machining Equipment:

CNC Mill

Our CNC mill can mill the tiniest of Swiss parts or create larger components up to 20 inches W x 40 inches L x 19 inches H.

CNC Lathe

Our CNC lathe can handle Swiss parts from 1mm up to bar stock 9 inches in diameter.

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